Students' Satisfaction with Major Academic Facilities in Private Universities in Ogun State, Nigeria

Oluwunmi, A.O ; Ajibola, M.O ; Iroham, C.O ; Eluyele, P (2017)

Scholarly articles


Higher educational institutions, particularly privately owned institutions, in developing countries are constantly challenged to improve on the quality of their facilities. This is necessitated by the need to ensure students' patronage. This study, therefore, examines students’ level of satisfaction with library, ICT laboratory and classroom facilities in five private universities in Ogun State, Nigeria. Seven hundred and seventy copies of a questionnaire were distributed while five hundred and twenty-two were returned and valid for further processing. Data analysis using frequency distribution and weighted mean revealed that the students were generally satisfied with electricity supply and furniture in all three facilities; however, they were not satisfied with the number of escape routes and toilets. The paper recommends amongst others that the managements of the universities should, as a matter of priority, make efforts to improve the facilities with low level of