Comparative Analysis of Students' Satisfaction with Classroom Facilities in Nigerian Private Universities

Oluwunmi, A.O ; Durodola, O.D ; Ajayi, C.A (2015)

Scholarly articles


In order for educational institutions to meet national and international standards, users preferences becomes an essential determinant of user satisfaction with facilities provided in such institutions. This study evaluates students' satisfaction with classroom facilities in three (3) private Universities in Ado-Odo Local Government Council Area, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. A total of five hundred and seventy (570) questionnaires were administered to students, and four hundred and thirty-two (432) representing 76% were returned and analysed. It was found that students were satisfied with electricity supply, ceiling finishes, windows/doors and furniture in their classrooms but, they were not satisfied with the provision and availability of air-conditioning and internet facilities in classrooms. However, when the results were analysed to reflect the findings for each University, they showed different levels of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The study recommended that the Management of each University should work continuously towards ensuring that this essential facility is given priority in financial decisions and provisions. Essentially, this study would assist University policy-makers to allocate resources more effectively and efficiently since allocation of resources is critical to attaining excellence in a competitive academic environment.