Measuring Students' Perception of Classroom Quality in Private Universities in Ogun State, Nigeria Using SERVPERF

Oluwunmi, A. O ; Omirin, M.M ; Ajayi, C.A (2016)

Scholarly articles


In Nigeria, competition among private universities is becoming increasingly intense as investment in the sector is proving more and more viable. Students' satisfaction survey has been identified as an essential instrument for education providers to improve or enhance their service delivery in a bid to remain competitive. To demonstrate its use, this paper reports a research that uses a modified SERVPERF instrument to measure students' satisfaction with the classrooms - one of the essential academic facilities - in six out of eight private universities in Ogun State, Nigeria. A total of 1,141 questionnaires were administered to students and the data were analysed using SERVPERF dimensions (tangibility, responsiveness, reliability. assurance and empathy). Findings showed that students' satisfaction with service quality across the six private Universities is moderate. However, when the results are disaggregated to reflect the findings for each University, Babcock University is shown to have services that meet students' expectation most while Crawford University services meet their expectations least. This study is expected to pave the way for researchers who are interested in conducting further studies on students' satisfaction with service quality using SERVPERF in higher institutions in Nigeria and other countries of the world.