Amoebic Urbanization in Nigerian Cities: The case of Lagos and Ota

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Salau, T
Lawanson, T
Yadua, O
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Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.
This paper investigates the relationship between the Lagos Megacity and Ota Township, a small township on its periphery. The study examines linkages between and Lagos in terms of growth, urban development as well as mobility. 553 questionnaires were administered to household heads across the 12 residential districts of Ota Township. Survey was carried out by systematic random sampling. Classified traffic counts were also taken at strategic locations along the four main axial roads in Ota. The data collected were analysed with descriptive and inferential statistical methods including cross-tabulation and correlation analysis. Findings of the research have shown that the proportion of inter-city traffic from Ota directed towards Lagos is about 48% of total inter-city traffic generated. More than 40% of Ota residents migrated from Lagos and still commute daily to the megacity. The paper concludes by recommending strategies for better synergies between Ota Township and the Lagos megacity. These include the implementation of integrated master planning, effective environmental management and traffic policies for the township as well
peri-urban , Lagos megacity , Ota , linkage
Salau T, Lawanson T. & Yadua O (2013) Amoebic Urbanization in Nigerian Cities: The case of Lagos and Ota, International Journal of Architecture and Urban Development. Vol3(4) 83-90