An Application of Aaker’s Methodology to the Measurement of Customer Perception of Brand Personality of Lagos State as a Tourist Destination

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Ajeyalemi, Oladipupo Folorunsho
Dixon-Ogbechie, Bolajoko Nkemdinim
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Department of Business Administration, University of Lagos
Anthropomorphism is the belief that brands can possess human characteristics, which raises a tendency to assign human traits to inanimate objects. It is on this premise that Brand Personality takes its roots. Brand Personality has been defined as ‘the set of human characteristics associated with a brand’. Several studies in the measurement and influence of Brand Personality abound, however there has been a dearth of studies in the Nigerian literature. The objectives of this study were to develop a scale to measure customer perception of Brand Personality using Aaker’s methodology, and to apply such scale to measure perception of Brand Personality of Lagos State as a tourist destination. The population of the study was consumers of 8 tourist destinations selected via a preliminary study, while a purposively selected sample of 908 respondents completed self-administered questionnaires developed using Aaker’s methodology for measuring Brand Personality. The result was analyzed using Exploratory Factor Analysis resulting in a four-factor model with items loading above 0.50. The scale was adjudged to be stable after carrying out Confirmatory Factor Analysis with all relevant statistics within recommended levels. The findings showed three factors with strong similarity to two of Aaker’s Brand Personality Dimensions (Ruggedness and Excitement) and unveiled two more Factors – ‘Insightfulness’ and ‘Bizarreness’. It was concluded that Aaker’s methodology is suitable for developing scales to measure consumer perception of Brand Personality in the tourism industry.
Brand Personality, Tourism, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Lagos State, Nigeria