Target Output, Extended Output and Site Productivity: Tales of the Expected

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Amusan, L.M
Oluwunmi, A.O
Adegbenjo, A
Tunji-olayeni, P.F
Ogunde, A.O
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Journal of Environment and Earth Science
Target output, extended output and moderate output are compared for selected construction projects in some selected sites in Nigeria. The objective of this study is to examine the attributes of extended and moderate output, setting of benchmarks for purpose of analysis of worker productivity, determination of derivable benefits, with a view to identifying if the effect are the same for both methods. The study procures the primary data used in this study through the use of questionnaires designed in Likert scale 1 to 5, which are sent to clients, builders and consultants. In all, 120 questionnaires were sent to these respondents who recently completed their housing projects based on the two methods. Results of the study indicate that there is significant difference between both methods in terms of risks of value for money, guaranteed sense of self accomplishment, while a significant difference exists between both methods in job burnt- out effect, timely completion of project, and exhaustion, Moderate target output method demonstrates less risk of timely completion of project than the extended target output. This study concludes that there are various types of risks inherent in use of both methods in housing projects. The study displays characteristics of early completion of project and prospects of getting good value for money. Recommendations of the study are that clients, contractors and consultants should use Moderate target output for execution of their future housing projects job allocations, and also they are at liberty to use any of the two methods as they best satisfy their requirements. Implications of this study to policy makers and other stakeholders in the construction industry is that Moderate labour output method should be explored for use in large and complex projects as considerable cost savings can be achieved, timely delivery of project and good value for money are equally derivable benefits of the method. The outcome of this study serves as a watershed to other peculiar issues inn site productivity and job beats’ allocations.
Moderate Output, Extended Output, Productivity, Target
Amusan, L. M, Oluwunmi, A. O, Adegbenjo, A., Tunji-olayeni, P. F. and Ogunde, A. O. (2013). Target Output, Extended Output and Site Productivity: Tales of the Expected. Journal of Environment and Earth Science, 3(3), 38-45.