Hotel Effectiveness Index (HEI) development for bolstering hotel grading and classification in Lagos Nigeria

Durodola, O.D ; Ayedun, C.A ; Akinjare, O.A ; Oloke, O.C ; Oluwunmi, A.O ; Omonijo, D.O (2018)


Hotel Effectiveness Index (HEI) is hereby explored as an instrument for bolstering hotel grading and classification system. For HEI development, a survey research was conducted targeted at collecting data from hotels’ customers in conjunction with physical evaluation of the hotels and review of hotel operational systems in Lagos metropolis. Stratified sampling technique was used while data analysis was performed by means of descriptive statistics with the aid of Statistical Package for social Sciences (Version 20). ‘HEI’ as developed might be regarded as a straightforward and unsophisticated instrument that could be adopted by Tourism Boards to bolster the current classification and grading system of hotels.