Influence of teachers’ creativity on students’ creativity in the Literature-in-English classrooms in Lagos State, Nigeria

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Adeosun, A.O
Adelabu, T.O
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Fafunwa Educational Foundation and the Faculty of Education, University of Lagos
The learning crisis in educating the Nigerian child is said to be 3-dimensional; lack of access to learning opportunities, inadequate foundational learning skills and absence of functional skills for quality living. One of these vital skills is creativity. Learners are expected, through effective modelling and guidance of the teachers, to think creatively, use diverse techniques to create new and worthwhile ideas and work together to develop and implement innovation. However, advances in research on creativity cautioned that the ‘Mini-C’, often associated with creativity in the learning process can be easily crushed through teachers’ classroom practices if not carefully nurtured. The study examines how teachers’ creativity affects students’ creativity using senior secondary Literature-in-English classrooms randomly selected from an education district in Lagos State. Working with three research objectives and using descriptive design, two research instruments were administered to 15 teachers and 170 students also randomly selected from the schools. Also, four observations were carried out to ascertain the creative performances and interactions in the classrooms. These were further supported with analysis of lesson materials, notes, tests scripts and projects. Data collected were analysed statistically and qualitatively using measures of association and inference. The findings revealed that teachers’ creativity significantly influence students’ creativity but the effect is constraining. Therefore, urgent call is made for deployment of effective classroom and intervention strategies that can specifically nurture students’ creative tendencies.
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Literature , Classroom interactions , Teaching techniques , Teachers , Students , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Adeosun, A. O. & Adelabu, T.O (2019). Influence of teachers’ creativity on students’ creativity in the Literature-in-English classrooms in Lagos State, Nigeria. Fafunwa Journal of Contemporary Education (ISSN 2672-5304); Vol. 2(1);142-149.