Construction Cycle: The Nigerian Experience

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Adegbile, M.O.B.
Dada, M.O.
Iyagba, R.R.
Nubi, T.O.
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The Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB). Nigeria, The Professional Builder, Ikeja-Lagos.
This paper researched into the Nigerian construction industry, over a fifteen year period (1990-1999). In general, the environment of the construction industry from independence has been highlighted. Construction capacity, outputs and cycles were discussed, factors affecting them were explained. A specific analysis of the performance of the quoted construction company over a ten (10) year period was done. It is the opinion of the authors of this paper as well as some others, that, quoted companies though small in numbers take a lion share of the construction activities going on in the country, especially, that which was initiated by the public sector.
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Construction , Building , Industry , Public sector , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Adegbile, M.O.; M.O. Dada; R.R. Iyagba & T.O. Nubi (2001). Construction Cycle: The Nigerian Experience. The Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB). Nigeria. The Professional Builder, Ikeja-Lagos.