Mobilizing Local Government Authorities Towards Effective Housing Delivery in Nigeria

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Nubi, T.G.
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Lagos Urban Environment- Faculty of Environmental Sciences. Lagos-Nigeria
The situation of housing shortage is critical in Nigeria. Indeed, it is daily becoming increasing difficult for the average Nigerians to own their own houses or procure decent accommodation at reasonable rent in the market. The National Housing Policy (NHP) in 1991 stated in clear terms, the institutional frame work needed for effective housing delivery in the country. It also saddled the Local Government Authorities with definite rules which are prerequisites for success in the housing sector. Unfortunately many local government authorities claimed ignorant of the policy while those that show some awareness could not implement the policy due to the enormity of difficulties confronting them. This prompted this study on mobilizing the local government authorities towards effective housing delivery. For this study, relevant literatures on Local Government Housing in developing countries were reviewed; primary and secondary data were also collected from field surveys and past research works. Local Government Authorities in Lagos State were used as a case study, due to their unique situation of acute housing shortage, and their exhibition of urban and rural attributes. The study revealed that the past policies have failed and the NHP promulgation faces challenges that makes housing for all by the 21st century a day dream as the impacts of the housing shortages are biting harder than before. The paper established that Local Government Authorities being the nearest to the people, are most appropriate organs for housing production and distribution. They should he equipped with necessary human and material resources to do same. The rise and fall of primary mortgage institutions and State Housing Corporations going commercial attest to the fact that a more radical, but people oriented approach towards housing delivery, which Local Government offered should be exploited.
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Housing Shortages , Local Government Authorities , Urban , Environment , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Nubi, T.G. (1995). Mobilizing Local Government Authorities Towards Effective Housing Delivery in Nigeria. Lagos Urban Environment- Faculty of Environmental Sciences. Lagos-Nigeria.