Poverty and Urban Development Interface: SWOT Analysis of Lagos, Nigeria

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Lawanson, T
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Department of Architecture, University of Lagos
This paper is a consideration of the activities of the urban poor in the context of sustainable development in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria. The methodology adopted is a SWOT Aralysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) to investigate the interface of poverty and urbanisation relating to various issues in the context of sustainable development. The study considered economic activities, social govemance networks and response to environmental vulnerabilities by residents of various informal communities across the metropolis. The study revealed the potentials and adaptability of the informal economic operators, the vulnerabilities of coastal communities as well as the opportunities inherent in non-formal governance methods alongside the threat posed by youth unemployment. The paper concludes by advancing strategies for effectively responding to each of the highlighted issues and these include mainstreaming informality and developing inclusive govemance and urban development models.
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governance , informality , lagos , livelihoods , pro-poor , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Lawanson T. (2015). Poverty and Urban Development Interface: SWOT Analysis of Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos Journal of Architecture 1(1): 129-145.