Service Quality Delivery of Facilities in Covenant University Lecture Theatre: Assessing End Users’ Satisfaction

Iroham, C.O ; Oluwunmi, A.O ; Ekenta, C ; Bello, F.O (2017)


Service quality with primary focus on Covenant University, Ota, in determining level of satisfaction amongst end users of the university‟s lecture theatre formed the crux of the present study. The study entailed review of literature on service quality and customers‟ satisfaction with emphasis on the application of SERVQUAL. Three sets of questionnaires with over 77% response rate cutting across the three focus groups - students, faculties who have offices in the lecture theatre and faculties who lecture in the lecture theatre- were administered. The SERVQUAL Model utilized ten (10) questions each for the seven (7) services peculiar to the lecture theatre. From gap analysis carried out service quality performance (perception) against the service quality needs (expectation) for each of the focus group based on the five dimensions of service quality on a five point likert scale, indicates need for improvement in the operation of these services. Its perceptions appeared below expectations thereby placing the respective end users‟ in an unsatisfactory position most especially decoration and furnishing (-2.208); acoustic system (-1.946); and lavatory system (-2.167). The researchers hereby make a wakeup call for all facilities provided to integrate the feelings of end users for their satisfaction as that justifies its provision.