Facilitating in continuing education centre as a management function

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Aitokhuehi O.O.
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Department of Lifelong and Continuing Education, University of Lagos, Akoka
This paper posits that facilitation in Continuing Education centres involves management function and requires acquiring management skills. It discussed teaching in Adult Education as facilitation due to the need to consider the adult experience during the learning process and the democratic nature of Adult Education. Some concepts were examined, which include management, Andragogy and Continuing Education. Furthermore, the paper discussed the facilitator as a manager, management style in facilitating, management, leadership and facilitating and the functions of the facilitator as a manager in Continuing Education centres. Explicitly, the facilitator has a management responsibility within the Continuing Education centres for each of the activities being carried out, and these include: creating and maintaining a delivery environment in which learning can effectively take place; selecting appropriate modes of instruction in accordance with a facilitating strategy; motivating and controlling the class; assessing learner performance and providing feedback to learners. The paper, therefore, recommended that it is imperative that the preparation of would-be facilitators in Continuing Education centres should include training in management and management skills.
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Aitokhuehi, O. O. (2018). Facilitating in continuing education centre as a management function. Journal of Educational Thought, 7 (1), 55-67.