Frequency of Albinism among Children attending Public Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

Adekoya, Khalid O. ; Madojutimi, Kayode (1997)


Students in public primary and secondary schools in different parts of Ojo Local Government area of Lagos State were examined for complete albinism. Most of the albinism had yellowish hair colour and 3 had brown hair colour only two of the eye colur types were seen in albinos. Non of the albinos has green and blue eye colour. Six albinos were found in the sample of 19,865 primary school children while 5 were found among 16,825 secondary school sample.The difference between the two samples is not statistically significant. There was also no significant difference in the occurence of the trait among male and female students. Thus, the frequency of the trait in te sample is 1 in 3319 or 30 in 100,000. The frequency is discussed in relation to the frequency observed earlier in the same State by other investigators and with frequency from other population.