Kinetics Analysis of Thermal Inactivation of Enzyme used in Biotechnology using Variation Iteration Method

Sobamowo, M.G ; Adeleye, O.A (2018)

Staff Publications


In this work, variation iteration method is used to develop analytical solutions for the prediction of molar concentration of native and denatured jack bean urease (EC through the three–reaction steps kinetic model of thermal inactivation of the urease. The obtained analytical solutions are used to study the kinetics of thermal inactivation of the enzyme as applied in biotechnology. The analytical solutions are verified with numerical solutions using Runge–Kutta with shooting method and good agreements are established between the solutions. The information given in this theoretical investigation will assist in the kinetic analysis of the experimental results over handling rate constants and molar concentrations. The analytical solutions as developed in this work can serve as a starting point for a better understanding of the relationship between the physical quantities of the problems.