Preference for Cyber-Counselling among Nigerian University Students.

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Olusakin, A.M
Adeoye, B.F
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European Journal of Social Sciences Greece).
This study examines the level of Preference for cyber-counseling among Nigerian university students. 427 students participated in the study by filling and returning the research questionnaire. The findings revealed that 92% of the students would rather be involved in face-to face counseling relationship rather than be involved in cyber -- counseling (8%). 64% of the students preferred the e-mail counseling to chatting (29%) and video conferencing (7%) if the face-to-face option is going to be delayed or not available. No significant difference was recorded between the undergraduate and the graduate students in the level of their Preference for cyber-counseling. Also no significant difference due to gender was found level of Preference for cyber-counseling. The urgent need for group counseling to create awareness as to the usefulness of cyber-counseling based on the large number of students in the university compared to the few trained counselors available was discussed
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Preference , Cyber-Counselling , Nigerian , University , Students.
Olusakin, A. M. and Adeoye, B. F. (2007). Preference for Cyber-Counselling among Nigerian University Students. European Journal of Social Sciences (EJSS) 5 (2) 94-103 (Greece).