Quality entrant and capacity building: model for rebranding teacher

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Oni, A.A.
Adetoro, J.A.
Sule, S.A.
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School of Model for Education, Nigeria Open University of Nigeria, Lagos
Education as dispensed by teachers occupies a central role in national development, and then teacher education is at the epicenter of national development. That is why in most African countries, national policy on education does not lose sight of this. Such policy is premised on the belief that no education system can rise above the quality of its teachers. That is why all over the world much prominence is given to the teachers because of their peculiar role in national development. Buttressing this view, Kalusi (2000)posited that the quality of any education system depends on the availability and competence of the teaching corps. Thus, the teacher factor in any educational programme is regarded as mostcrucial because what he knows can make a world of difference and what he does not know can be an irreparable loss to the development of the potentialities and abilities of the society's younger generation.
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Education , National development , National policy , Teacher education , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Oni, A.A., Adetoro, J.A. and Sule, S.A. (2011). Quality entrant and capacity building: model for rebranding teacher. Rebranding Nigerian Educational System, 91 - 107pp.