Indigenous Management Thoughts, Concepts and Practices: The Case of The Igbos of Nigeria.

Oghojafor, B.E.A ; Alaneme, G.C. ; Kuye, O.L (2013-04)

Staff publications


This paper examines core values and practices of traditional Igbo culture which have semblance with the modern management approaches and theories. The paper adopted the matching concept method and developed a model of relationship. It argues that the Igbo societies managed their affairs effectively in a manner similar to selected scientific principles and practices of the West even though it was not documented. It also submits that native management structures in advance encouraged the successful adoption of management practices from the western culture. In this paper, Human relations, Teams, Motivation, Management Functions and Decision Making are posited as African and core values of Ndigbo (the Igbos) which supported the movement of management theories in useful direction.