The artificial substrate preference of invertebrates in Ogbe Creek, Lagos, Nigeria

Saliu, J. ; Ovuorie, U. (2006-05-09)

Staff publications


The colonisation patterns of the invertebrates of Ogbe Creek on four different types of artificial substrates (Kakaban, gravel bucket, glass and wood) was investigated within the period of September and November, 2002. A total number of 100,700/cm invertebrates comprising of 33 species were harvested. The gravel bucket supported the highest number of invertebrates, 46,740/cm comprising 17 species, while the glass substrate had the lowest number of invertebrate’s 2,100 /cm comprising 11 species (p < 0.05). The Kakaban substrate had the highest species richness (5.55) while the wood had the lowest (2.78). The four artificial substrates showed selectivity with respects to the organism that colonised them. The ability of the invertebrates to colonise artificial substrates was found to be influenced by the nature and permanence of the substrate.