Enhancing the Role of Entrepreneurship in Creating Active Micro Business and SMEs to Meet the Challenges of Vision 2020

Olayiwola, P.O. ; Ogundele, O.J.K. (2010)

Staff publications


The paper briefly discussed the significant concepts of entrepreneurship, micro-preneur, and entrepreneur and linked them with requisite personal traits for effectiveness in their roles. It highlighted the crucial importance of micro, small and medium scale enterprises to the development of all economies this is backed up with data from an empirical study in Nigeria, at the turn of this century. The roles of the entrepreneur who are the engines of the change in the developmental process are then presented. In addition, a framework for entrepreneur development should focus on the functional, behavioural and environmental methods in the training and the development of the entrepreneurs with the aim of achieving the vision 2020. The paper recommends the need for adequate infrastructural development and a sustainable and virile financial sector that will make the fund available to the entrepreneurs.