Paediatric HIV/AIDS Infection in three of four children from consecutive twins deliveries

Ekanem, E.E. ; Uniga, A.J. ; Ekure, E.N. (2000)

Staff publications


Vertical infection the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) among two consecutive pair of twins from a well-to-do family is presented. While the first twin of the first pair must have been infected in-utero, the second may have been infected at parturition or through breast milk. Severe protein-energy malnutrition was the main mode of presentation. A recommendation is made for routine screening of pregnant women during ante-natal care with family planning counselling of positive cases. Zidovudine therapy for infected pregnant women is also recommended. In addition, it is suggested that infected mothers from high socio-economic classes in our environment should not breast-feed their infants. HIV/AIDS should please be suspected when PEM manifests in children from high socio-economic families.