IEQ of Lagos Office Workspaces

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Sangowawa, A.
Adebamowo, M. A.
Akinnubi, A.
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Department of Architecture, University of Lagos
The sustainable office workspace is one that optimizes the use of resources (especially energy) guaranties the comfort and satisfaction of the workers, and enhances their task performance. How do the qualities of the indoor environment meet and impact the satisfactory and productivity of the office workers? Much studies have been carried out on the IEQ (indoor environmental quality) of offices in the developed economies but there is a paucity for the African region, especially Nigeria. This study fills the gap. A quantitative survey using the format of the CBE (Centre for the Built Environment) survey instrument was administered by email to corporate workers in different offices in the metropolis. The quantitative statistical analysis indicated that there are strong correlation and association between the IEQ factors and overall satisfaction as well as productivity. However, it was observed that the comfort preferences for office layouts and acoustic preferences differed from those of the developed economies. The respondents were not averse to the open office layouts and the issues of noise and acoustic privacy were not critical as in the American and European studies. Among the four physical IEQ factors, IAQ (indoor air quality) had the strongest association with satisfaction. Nigeria had always relied on the international standards for the comfort design of its workspaces but the time has come that she develops her own standards that are relevant to her corporate office work-force.
IEQ , Office layout , Acoustic comfort , Satisfaction
Sangowawa, A., Adebamowo, M.A., & Akinnubi, A. (2016). IEQ of Lagos Office Workspaces - Workers’ Satisfaction with Office Layout and Acoustic Comfort. Lagos Journal of Architecture, 2, 37-54.