Screening of cowpea lines for drought tolerance

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Bolarinwa, K. A.
Ogunkanmi, L. A.
Adetumbi, J. A.
Akinyosoye, S. T.
Akande, S. R.
Amusa, O. D.
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Genetics Society of Nigeria (GSN)
Thirty-nine cowpea lines were screened for drought tolerance to provide information on cowpea lines that can be used for genetic improvement of the acceptable varieties. The experiment was carried out using wooden boxes filled with top soil. Cowpea lines were planted in three replications and the seedlings were watered daily using a small watering can of four litres for two weeks until partial emergence of the first trifoliate leaves of all the varieties was observed. Thereafter, watering was stopped for thirty five days and wilted plants in each variety were counted daily. Watering was resumed for fourteen days to ascertain regeneration potentials of each variety. Significant differences were observed among the cowpea lines for drought tolerance Stress effect was first noticed on the unifoliate leaves twelve days after watering was stopped, followed by the emerging trifoliates and finally the growing tip dried. Wilting percentage at different days after termination of watering indicated TVx 3236, NG/SA/07/132 and IT95K-193-12 to be the most susceptible to drought. The recovery percentage after watering ranged from 0% for NG/SA/01/09/004 to 100 % for IT81D-994 and Oloyin. All the cowpea lines were grouped into three. Group 1 comprises three lines (TVx3236, NG/SA/07/130 and NG/SA/01/09/004) which are highly drought susceptible while Group 2 and 3 comprise of 14 and 22 lines respectively that were tolerant at varying degrees. The screening has provided information on cowpea lines that can be used in breeding for drought tolerant cowpea varieties.
Drought is one of the abiotic factors affecting cowpea production in sub-sahara Africa. Genotypes of cowpea were screened for drought tolerance in this study in which seven (7) lines were identified. These lines are potential materials for drought tolerance improvement in cowpea breeding programs.
Research Subject Categories::FORESTRY, AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES and LANDSCAPE PLANNING::Plant production , Cowpea , Drought tolerance , Screen house
Bolarinwa, K.A., Ogunkanmi, L.A., Adetumbi, J.A., Akinyosoye, S.T., Akande, S.R. and Amusa, O.D. (2013). Screening of cowpea lines for drought tolerance. Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of Genetics Society of Nigeria (GSN), Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria (21st-24th October, 2013) pp. 248-253