Inherent Nature & Dynamics of Political Stability in China

Banwo, A.O. (2015-06-10)

Every government’s core interest is maintaining the stability within their societies, with stability a government can formulate and implement policies that can propel the nation into greater heights, China is not an exemption. Understanding China would be based on the imminent answers to some questions that arise in the course of this research work, they are; what factors have shaped the current stability in China? How has the Chinese Communist Party being able to plan and implement its policies in face of teeming challenges? How has the government transformed the lives of the people? What measure of approach did the government adopt to rule, control and gather a wide support from the people? Understanding these fundamental questions would unlock the knowledge to the quest we seek from the dynamics of Political stability from China.


For any society to progress, there must be sensitive leadership that is willing to stir the affairs of the country towards the right direction, the provision of a good life, security, opportunity to exist peacefully, a functioning legal system, responsive government, economic prosperity are all fundamental elements for stability and progress in any society. With a strong leadership in China, it has grown to become the newest and emerging super economic power bloc of the 21st century. Government adoption of philosophies such as the Mandate of Heaven, putting the people first, rule by virtue and deep economic reforms has not only bolstered it’s authority to rule but has fortified the ruling party position as the only legitimate ruler of the greatest populated country in the world. This article develops a perception that Stability of any society can only be achieved when it is deeply rooted in the philosophical ideology of that society and pursuing the core interests of the people. This work sets out to explain and examine the nature of the Chinese Communist Party dynamics in ensuring political stability in China over the decades of its inception into the political stream of the nation state.