Thermal model and experimental validation of IRF 3205 MOSFET switches for inverter applications

Onoroh, F. ; Enibe, S.O ; Adewumi, O.O (2018-03-05)

Staff publications


Power inverters operate under dynamic loads; the varying loads cause thermal expansion and contraction, which stress the internal boundaries between the material layers in the semiconductor. Eventually, the stress wears out the semiconductor module which ultimately leads to thermally induced failure. The primary goal of this article is to present thermal model for the IRF 3205 MOSFET chip switching operation for a power inverter. The solution of the models is implemented in MATLAB R2013a environment to obtain the transient temperature profile. The transient device temperatures are recorded with a K-type thermocouple and a three channel temperature logger, MTM-380SD, with real time data logger. Results show that the experimental steady state temperatures are lower than the simulated steady state temperatures by 1.10, 1.52, 1.17 and 0.73% for pulse loads of 460W, 675W, 1015W and 1500W, respectively.