Nation brand identity co-creation: students' perception of Nigerian codes expressions and their patriotic behaviours

Umoren, M.S. ; Amushie, J.U. ; Oshionebo, E.E. ; Uzoka, N.E. (2019)

Staff publications


The study examined nation brand identity eo-creation, a set of activities that involves students' personal efforts towards the derivation of meanings, interpretations and the formation of perceptions on two Nigerian codes of expressions, namely, the national anthem and pledge. One research question and two null hypotheses tested at 0.05 level of significance piloted the study. The descriptive survey research design was used. A total of 420 participants were derived using purposive sampling techniques from six public secondary schools in the selected education district. The instrument used for data collection was a self-designed and validated questionnaire. Data collected was analysed usihg means, standard deviation and Pearson Product-Moment correlation coefficient statistical tools. Findings from the study showed that students give personal meanings to the national anthem and pledge and form perceptions that do not significantly influence patriotic behaviours. Among others, itwas recommended that as much as possible, explanations and responsibility demands of the national anthem and pledge should .be offered when students render the national anthem and recite the pledge for the purpose of complementing classroom explanations in Social Studies and Civic Education.