Islamic solution to Social indiscipline in the Nigerian contemporary society

Adegoke, K.A. (2004)

Staff publications


The view that Islam is a comprehensive and perfect way of life has been fervently espoused by the scholars of various academic disciplines and specialization irrespective of their religious creed. This occurs as a result of the practical heritage and cultural values of Islam in the social unity and development ofseveral nations in the Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Africa. The major difference between Islam and other religions is that the former combined together both secular and spiritual life style of man as a single and inseparable entity in its practicability while the latter deal only with the spiritual life of man in his society. Thus, Islam is not just an observance of ritual duties of mankind but as well as a major and vital instrument of making societal harmony and peace by the promotion of virtues (Amr bi 'l Ma'rufi and shunning-off of the vices (Nahyu ani' f-Munkar) in politics, economic and social life of mankind. In the light of this development, the paper attempts to examine some prevalent societal indisciplines in Nigeria with the solution from the Islamic perspective in order to pave way for societal harmony and peace in the contemporary Nigerian society