A Review of Al-Ilory's Neo-Ijtihad on the Observance of Ramadan Fast as Contained in As-Sawm Wa'l-Fitr

Adegoke, K.A. (2012)

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Various Ramadan fasting-related issues have been causing a lot of confusion and controversy among the Nigerian Muslims for some years. The annual event of Ramadan fasting which should have been a joyous moment for the universal Muslims is now marked with high emotion and sentiment arising from the unnecessary legal conflict and controversy from the different verdicts of both indigenous and foreign Islamic scholars. In response to this unwanted situation, Shaykh Adam Al-Ilory rose up to this challenges by writing a material titled "As-Sawm Wa'l - Fitr" in which he exercised his own neo-ljtihad so as to serve as an end to the controversy surrounding the commencement and termination of the Ramadan fasting in Nigeria. It is as a result of this, that the paper aims at examining the neo-ljtihad of Shaykh Adam Al-Ilory on the commencement and termination of Ramadan fasting among Nigerian Muslims.