Place of Muslim Woman under the Shari'ah and Modern Societal Challenges

Adegoke, K.A. (2009)

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Women form the largest percentage of people in every human society. This development made them having influence on other members of the society such as husbands, children and other male gender in human society. The place of Muslim women, as articulated by some jurists, has not only defined her role and identity, it has also set the parameters of how that role and identity has been manipulated by various categories of the people on the basis of their sex difference in the 'human society. The aim of this paper is to examine the place of Muslim women under Shari 'ah in the face of modern societal challenges. The paper shall demonstrate the rightful position of the Muslim woman under Islamic family law (Ahwalu'sh-Shakhsiyyah) as mother, wife and daughter. Then, it analyses the right of Muslim women and the contemporary challenges encountered in some of her societal needs.