Problem of Evil and Headship of God in Yoruba, Christianity and Islamic Beliefs

Adegoke, K.A. (2005)

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Concept of evil and headship of'God is one of'the seriously debated issues in the-ancient as, wel-l as contemporary-period among religious scholars and philosophers. The problems of evil become more serious among religionists and philosophers who uphold that both evil and God exist, even though they argue it on different perspectives. The religionists argue the existence of evil and God with the method of dialectical argument while the philosophers argue it with philosophical speculative reasoning. The notable point in their argument on the, existence of evil and God appears as if the confirmation of one is the denial of the other. This is where the problem arises in the concept of evil and theistic headship of God. Thus, this paper aims at having a cursory look at problems emanated from the existence of evil in human societies and the headship and superiority of God in the Yoruba, Christianity and Islamic beliefs.