Igbo Riddles and the Education of the Igbo Child

Iwu, I. (2002-06-01)

Scholarly articles


It is believed that apart from formal education, there are various inform always through which one could be educated. The concept of education itself entails more than the deliberate processes of school and college training. It includes among others, the indirect effect produced on character and on human faculties. The Igbo riddles (Agwugwa or Gwamgwamgwam) constituted one of the informal ways of educating the Igbo child in traditional Igbo society before the advent of formal education in Nigeria.This paper examines the role Igbo riddles could play in educating the Igbo child. The insight to be gained from the paper is that even in the era of informal education, Igbo riddles, because of their rich content, complement formal education; they have the capacity to imbue the child with such knowledge that cannot be acquired through formal education.