National Development: Igbo Literature as instrument of mobilisation and orientation

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Ikwubuzo, I.
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Journal of Nigerian Languages and Culture (JONLAC)
To sensitize the people to the desirable political climate needed by our nascent democracy to survive, a mass mobilization and orientation of the Nigerian populace is essential. Successive governments have at different times initiated and embarked on mobilization campaigns using different instruments. Literature, because of its power to impact on the life of the people in society can also be a mobilizing instrument. The present government has recently launched a campaign on National Rebirth and established National Orientation Agency, all with the aim of mobilizing Nigerians to be better citizens. But its role, especially literature in Nigerian Languages, in the mobilization campaigns of the government has been overlooked and neglected over the years. This paper submits that Igbo literature can be an effective instrument of mobilization and orientation towards the achievement of national development. The paper is in three parts. The first is the introduction that states in brief the focus of the paper. The second part highlights the Nigeria situation, itsproblems and efforts being made to find solutions, while the third part discusses the relevance of theliterary artist's work to his society, and goes on to examine the content of a poem in Igbo language and how it can be instrumental inmobilizing people.
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Mass mobilization , Literature , Nigerian languages , Political climate , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Languages and linguistics
Ikwubuzo, I. (2002). National Development: Igbo Literature as instrument of mobilisation and orientation. Journal of Nigerian Languages and Culture (JONLAC)