The use of ICT in the promotion of security in Nigerian politics

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Bakare, T.V.
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Ibadan: St Paul's Publishing house
The discourse is premised on the assumption that ICT can be used as a method to engender security in politics and ginger the body polity into the democratic ideal. This will lead to peace in the society and an enabling environment for national development. Democratic ideal is an entity aspired to by most civilized countries as it can polish the politics and governance and ensure fairness and inclusiveness, thus paving the way for peace and development. ICT is an inevitable status we must all acquire in the modern world to facilitate the democratic process. Security is a sine qua non for development to occur and without which people cannot function optimally. Ensuring security in politics facilitates the process of governance and prods the nation towards the achievement of democratic ideals. Adult education can also be the enabler for the smooth transition in the world of technology and as a tool to unify the populace and ensure progress
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Political Security , ICT , Democratic ideals , Nigerian politics , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Bakare, T.V. (2020). The use of ICT in the promotion of security and democratic ideal in Nigerian politics: The case of Lagos State. Kazeem, K.K., Haladu, A.A. and Nwizu, S. (Eds). Re-inventing education and lifelong learning practice for sustainable development. Festschrift for Professor Fatima Moh’D Umar. Ibadan: St Pauls Publishing house. Pp 287-306.