Input Into the Management of Education for Sustainable Development: A Focus on Women CBOs

Onyene, V. ; Bakare, T.V (2008-09)

Scholarly articles


Education is a veritable vehicle for creating, sustaining and promoting human conviviality. Every society uses her education system as an instrument for socio-economic development. The Nigerian national policy on education (NPE) provided for partnership between the government and the private sector in the provision and management of our educational system for reasons associated with cost, increased social demand, variety of education levels as well as the existence of special vulnerable groups in need of education of different types. This study takes its conceptual framework from principles of access, equity and inclusion as guidelines for social group integration in public service distribution. It therefore discusses the role of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in expanding opportunities, second-chances and out-of-school education for her 140 million odd citizenries. To do this, the efforts towards education of CBOs operating in Lagos state were assessed. A working model for making them key actors in the provision, maintenance, monitoring, supervision and management of education was then presented.