Towards A Classification of Igbo Riddles

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Ikwubuzo, I.
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Ihafa: A Journal of African Studies. A Journal of the Department of Linguistics, African and Asian Studies
Riddles have been part of the peoples oral tradition whose study has, over the ages, attracted and continue to attract the attention of scholars. Early interest in them was shown by Aristotle whose comments on the relationship between riddle and metaphor appeared in his The Rhetoric Book 111 Chapter 2 and The Poetic XXII. Others who have shown interest in the genre include Karl Mullenhoff and Gaston Paris both of whom encouraged comparative riddles. It is therefore necessary that a more comprehensive classification of the Igbo riddles should be made. This, we believe will give more insights into the nature of Igbo riddles.
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Riddles , Metaphor , Classification , Nature , Relationship , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::Languages and linguistics
Ikwubuzo, I. (1992). Towards A Classification of Igbo Riddles