Factors Affecting Outsourcing Decision Of Facilities Management Services Of Some Selected Hotels In Lagos Metropolis

Idowu, O. B. A. ; Omirin, M. M. ; Koleoso, H. A. (2017)

Scholarly Articles


The need to ensure sustainable development of both the buildings and facilities in recent times is imperative and this calls for appropriate management strategies. Thus, this paper examines the factors affecting the outsourcing decision of facilities management services of some selected hotels in Lagos metropolis. The study adopted the use of purposive sampling method where snowballing approach was adopted to select the hotels which were used for the case study. The data analysis was processed using the SPSS. The results revealed that outsourcing played a great role in influencing the hotels’ decision. All the six factors considered showed a result above the 3.0 benchmark. Findings revealed that organizations considered employee driven reasons with the mean score of 3.750, revenue driven reasons and improvement driven value of 3.500 and 3.353 respectively as most important factors for their outsourcing decision of the facilities management services while the last three items i.e. organization driven reasons, financial driven reasons and cost driven reasons were similarly important considerations, though, with lower mean scores. The study therefore suggests, that organizations continue to retain outsourcing strategy towards the management style of their facilities management services in order to ensure sustainability of the services. In conclusion, the study has provided an empirical result that is useful to both decision makers and users of the facilities in general.