Family-Friendly Workplace Policies as Predictors of Sustainable Workforce in the Service Industry in Lagos State, Nigeria

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Afonja, A
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North American Business Press Atlanta – Seattle – South Florida - Toronto
This paper examined family-friendly policies as predictors of committed/sustainable workforce in service industry. Using a descriptive survey research design, 440 participants were randomly selected for the study. Findings revealed that there is a relationship between family friendly policies and committed/ sustainable workforce in both private and public service organizations in Lagos State, Nigeria and that there is a difference in the family friendly policies of private and public institutions in Lagos State with the private institution recording higher mean score. The study recommended among others that there should be harmonization of family friendly policies in the private and public institutions.
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Family-Friendly policies, employee commitment/sustainability, service industry , Family-friendly policies , Employee commitment , Service industry , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Afonja, A.F. (2019). Family-friendly workplace policies as predictors of sustainable workforce in the service industry in Lagos State, Nigeria. Journal of Psychology, Vol.19(2), 11-17pp.