Tourism Potentials of the National Iwa ji Festival in Igbo-Ukwu Southeast Nigeria

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Okoye, O.C.
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Association for Tourism Development in Nigeria.
Festival tourism is one of the mainstays of the tourism industry in many countries. In Igbo-Ukwu Anambra State Nigeria, Mbido Igbo Cultural Association, an organization that champions the revival, preservation and promotion of Igbo arts and cultural heritage has repackaged Iwa ji festival for the promotion and sustainability of Igbo culture and tourism development. Iwa ji festival is celebrated annually in honor of the Supreme God and other divinities for the gift of the new yam. This paper examines the tourism potentials of the festival. It was established that events during the festival such as yam competition, wrestling competition, exhibitions in National Museum, National Gallery of Art, and Centre for Black African Art and Civilization (CBAAC) have the propensity to attract international and national tourists if properly repackaged. It was also noted that quality social facilities such as good road network, and accommodation as well as the hospitality of the host community are equally essential for tourism development. The paper offered recommendations on how to upgrade the National Iwa ji festival to international standard. Qualitative method was utilized in data collection and the data collected were analyzed descriptively.
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National Iwa ji festival, Tourism, Mbido Igbo Cultural Association, Igbo-Ukwu, Festival , National Iwa ji festival , Tourism , Mbido Igbo Cultural Association , Igbo-Ukwu , Festival , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES
Okoye, Obiageli. C. 2020. Tourism Potentials of the National Iwa ji Festival in Igbo-Ukwu Southeast Nigeria. Journal of Tourism and Heritage Studies, 9(1):46-63.