Building sustainable local capacity for global health research in west africa

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Sam-Agudu, N.A.
Painstil, E.
Aliyu, M.H.
Kwara, A.
Ogunsola, F.T.
Afrane, Y.A.
Onoka, C.
Awandare, G.A.
Amponsah, G.
Cornelius, L.J.
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BACKGROUND Global health research in resource-limited countries has been largely sponsored and led by foreign institutions. Thus, these countries’ training capacity and productivity in global health research is limited. Local participation at all levels of global health knowledge generation promotes equitable access to evidence-based solutions. Additionally, leadership inclusive of competent local professionals promotes best outcomes for local contextualization and implementation of successful global health solutions. Among the sub-Saharan African regions, West Africa in particular lags in research infrastructure, productivity, and impact in global health research. OBJECTIVE In this paper, experts discuss strategies for scaling up West Africa’s participation in global health evidence generation using examples from Ghana and Nigeria. METHODS We conducted an online and professional network search to identify grants awarded for global health research and research education in Ghana and Nigeria. Principal investigators, global health educators, and representatives of funding institutions were invited to add their knowledge and expertise with regard to strengthening research capacity in West Africa.
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Western africa , Capacity-building , Financial support , Global health , Research , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE::Microbiology, immunology, infectious diseases
Sam-Agudu, N.A, Paintsil, E, Aliyu, M.H, Kwara, A, Ogunsola, F, Afrane, Y.A, Onoka, C, Awandare, G.A, Amponsah, G, Cornelius, L.J, Mendy, G, Sturke, R, Ghansah, A, Siberry, G.K. and Ezeanolue, E.E. (2016). Building Sustainable Local Capacity for Global Health Research in West Africa. Ann Glob Health; 82(6):1010-1025. doi:10.1016/j.aogh.2016.10.011.PMID: 28314488.