Funding of vocational programme in Lagos State Secondary Schools

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Uzoka, N.E.
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Department of Educational Administration, Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, Akoka.
This paper investigates the im, licauons o/filllJing (r)r vocatioua! programme's 01: the f.:achillg and learning 0/vocauonal subjects in Lagos Slate secondary schools. The purpose ofthe study was to examine same of the factors hindering {he effective teaching and learning 0/ vocational subjects in the state. Three hypotheses wer.: [ormulated (0 guide the investigation, A descriptive survey research design was adopted/or the study and the population comprised secondary school principals, vocational subject teachers andseninr secondaryschnn] 5111dents. A simple random sampling technique was employed and {he total sample WUS 330. Pearson Product Moment Correlation, t-test and Spearmcn Run]: Order correlation were th-: stausticat techniques.used fa: data anciysiJ Among of th« study wer.! ;- that there is virtually little or nofacilities and equipment j.Jr effective teaching and learning of vocational subjects and lion avai!ahi!:ry offund (0 purchase these fcciluies The teachers who are the implementers of tliis laudable programme and the society or large appear to have a wrong conception of what thi! programme intends to achieve The study concludes by recommending among others th.u government at ail levels shoul.l make availcble odequote provi tion offimd t.: purchase instructional materials and equipment to make the teaching and learning ofvocational subjects man: effective
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Uzoka, N.E. (2007). Funding of vocational programme in Lagos State Secondary Schools. Lagos Journal of Educational Administration & Planning, 3(1), 7p.