Resource use efficiency in apiculture in Umuahia North Local Government Abia State, Nigeria

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Lawal, W.L.
Ibegbulem, U. O.
Ajani, O. I.
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Nassarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria.
The resource use efficiency in apiculture was studied in Ummahia-North Local Government of Abia State, Nigeria. The data for the study were collected through the use of questionnaire randomly administered on 40 honey producers. The data for the study were analyzed using enterprise budgeting technique and regression analysis. The study showed that apiculture is profitable in the study area. The net profit was #22,435.42 per farmer with an average of 24 hives per farmer, while the rate of return on the total investment was #1.06. This indicated a good financial performance. The result of regression analysis showed that the combined effect on the resources input on the output of honey was high (R2=0.95). Baiting materials, number of bee hives and labour were significant in the production of honey. The production function was of an increasing return to scale, indicating that some resources were not efficiently managed. The research suggests efficient management of resources for the honey producers. More awareness should be created through seminars and extensive services to encourage farmers to engage in apiculture due to its enormous potential.
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Apiculture , Bee hives , Gross Margin Analysis , Profitability , Resource use efficiency , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education
Lawal, W. L., Ibegbulem, U. O. & Ajani O. I. (2007). Resource use efficiency in apiculture in Umuahia North Local Government Abia State, Nigeria. Nigeria Journal of Production Agriculture and Technology. 3(1),35- 44.