“Introduction to Population Education”

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Badru, F.A
Faluyi, K
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General African Studies Unit, University of Lagos Press
An understanding of human population as a phenomenon may offer clues to underlying forces that operate in the society. One of the most serious problems confronting man is the human population. The populations of developing countries have continued to grow at a high rate for sometime with the consequent pressure on land, an irreplaceable resource. This paper examines some basic concepts in population studies by differentiating "demography" from 'population studies'. It also highlights their social underpinnings in terms of the attitudes of people toward family planning. In this regard, some methods of birth control used in Nigeria, as well as their merits and limitations are also discussed.
Human Population , Population Education , Demography , Population Studies , Family Planning , Family Planning Methods
Badru, F. A. & Faluyi, K. (1999): “Introduction to Population Education” in Oluwole, S. & Faluyi, K. (Eds.) (1999): The Essentials of African Studies, Vol. 2. (Lagos: University of Lagos Press), General African Studies Programme. Chp. 11, Pp. 177 – 208.