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  • A Classificatory Model for Igbo Myths 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Ihafa: A Journal of African Studies. A Journal of the Department of Linguistics, African and Asian Studies, 1999-02-02)
    Scholars have noted that oral literature is part of folklore. With particular reference to Igbo, they identified ten distinct components of folklore, seven of which have been grouped by other western authors in depicting ...
  • Towards A Classification of Igbo Riddles 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Ihafa: A Journal of African Studies. A Journal of the Department of Linguistics, African and Asian Studies, 1992-08-06)
    Riddles have been part of the peoples oral tradition whose study has, over the ages, attracted and continue to attract the attention of scholars. Early interest in them was shown by Aristotle whose comments on the relationship ...
  • Hero Motif in Achara's Novels: Ala Bingo & Elelia Na Ihe O Mere 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Castalia: Ibadan Journal of Multicultural/ Multidisciplinary Studies, 2000-09-04)
    The hero is a universal archetype of deliverance that lives in the collective unconscious of mankind. The concept of the hero is universal because it is found in all the traditions of the world. In the hero myths across ...
  • Classical Influences on Igbo Literatures: The Example of Ogbalu Dimpka Taa Aku Onyekaonwu Nwata Rie Awo 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Ihafa: A Journal of African Studies. A Journal of the Department of Linguistics, African and Asian Studies, 1998-02-01)
    Some writers of modern literature have shown in their works a considerable level of influence of classical literatures on them. Some factors responsible for this are the late emergence of written Igbo literature. There ...
  • Divergent Views on the Concept of Myth 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Ihafa: A Journal of African Studies. A Journal of the Department of Linguistics, African and Asian Studies, 2001-02-02)
    In the various attempts to conceptualize what myth really is, opinions are varied as to the truth or falsity of myth. Views on both the true and untrue nature of myth are prominent in most discussion of myth. It has also ...
  • Three Decades of Written Igbo Poetry: An Appraisal of its Growth 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Journal of Igbo Studies, The Official Publication of the Igbo Studies Association (ISA), 2007-02-02)
    Igbo studies have been going on in the areas of Igbo language, literature, culture, history, religion, philosophy, medicine and such topical issue as gender, among others; and scholars engaged in Igbo studies from the ...
  • A Peep into New Publications and Reading Culture in Igbo language of Nigeria 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Indigenous Language Media in Africa, Center for Black and African Arts and Civilization, 2006-05-05)
    The use of Igbo language as a communicative instrument is as old as the Igbo race. Apart from its oral use, efforts were made to reduce Igbo language to writing in order to widen the scope of its use. The sim of this chapter ...
  • The Image of the Igbo Gods in Chukwuezi’s Akwu Fechaa and Akwa Nwa 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (A Publication of the Department of Linguistics and Communication Studies, Unviersity of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, 2005-08-18)
    Chukwuezi’s creative writings in Igbo, particularly his plays are committed to reflecting the Igbo traditional way of life. In his depiction of the Igbo world, he sometimes portrays the conflict between Igbo culture and ...
  • Ethic Integration and Social Harmony In Nigeria: The Igbo Literary Artist as a Nationalist 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (The Humanistic Management of Pluralism: A Formula For Development in Nigeria. A Publication of the Faculty of Arts, University of Lagos., 2001-04-11)
    Any keen observer of the unfolding social, economic and political realities in Nigeria in recent times would concur that the increasing clamor for ethnic self-determination and its attendant pluralism of militia groups ...
  • Towards the Modernization of Igbo Theatre 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Advances in African Language and Literature, Essays in Memory of Nnabuenyi Ogonna, Vita-Nasco Nigeria Ltd., 2001-01-06)
    The existence of authentic Igbo traditional drama need not be over emphasized, for its validity alongside other black African dramas has long been affirmed by many scholars who perceived African drama as full-fledged drama. ...
  • Creative Inputs of Deity Myth by Two Igbo Playwrights 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (International Journal of Multicultural Education, 2007-01-06)
    Myth, as we know, is part of the people's folklore. Basically, myth exists in oral form and has a feature of communal ownership. Apart from its oral existence, creative writers can utilize myth for different artistic ...
  • Towards Pan Igbo Unity in the 21st Century: Igbo Myths of Origin as a tool 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (A Journal of Nigerian Languages and Culture: JONLAC, 2005-09-07)
    Some extant Igbo myths of origin. portray Ndiigbo as a people with a common primordial descent. Over the millennia the Igbo have experienced steady growth and expansion to the point that the Igbo nation today no longer ...
  • The Diversity of Igbo Myth of Origin: A Brief Survey 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Journal of Igbo Studies, 2006-07-03)
    papers attached
  • Fostering National unity using parallel motifs in Nigerian mythology 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Publisher of An Agenda for a New Nigeria: The Imperative of Transformation, 2006-08-15)
    This paper intends to explore how the parallels in Nigerian Myths, with particular reference to the Igbo and Yoruba myths, may be exploited to emphasize the all-important issue of Nigeria's unity. it is hoped that if ...
  • Destiny of Freewill as the Architect of Human Fate: Perception in the Odunke Artists Ojaadili 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Network 2000: In the Spirit of the Harlem Renaissance, 2008-10-19)
    In "The Carrier Ritual as Medium of Vision in Nigerian Drama: The Examples of Soyinka Osofisan" Chris Egharevba rightly observes that early pre-occupation of writers like Chinua Achebe. John Pepper Clark. and Wole Soyinka ...
  • National Development: Igbo Literature as instrument of mobilisation and orientation 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Journal of Nigerian Languages and Culture (JONLAC), 2002-06-03)
    To sensitize the people to the desirable political climate needed by our nascent democracy to survive, a mass mobilization and orientation of the Nigerian populace is essential. Successive governments have at different ...
  • Igbo Riddles and the Education of the Igbo Child 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (African Journal of Curriculum and Instruction, Department of Curriculum Studies, University of Lagos, 2002-06-01)
    It is believed that apart from formal education, there are various inform always through which one could be educated. The concept of education itself entails more than the deliberate processes of school and college training. ...
  • Myths as a genre of Igbo Oral Literature 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Igede Igbo. Journal of Igbo Studies, 2000-06-19)
    Oral literature is one area that has for many years captured the interest of' scholars and students, especially within the African continent. Akporobaro (200 1 : 36) offers six variant definitions of' oral literature. ...
  • 100 years of Literary Enterprise in Indigenous Nigerian Languages: Trends, Challenges and Prospects 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Journal of the School of Languages, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Ondo, 2015-06-14)
    Early this year, Nigeria celebrated her first centenary of nationhood. It afforded her an opportunity to appraise the level of development she has, over these years of nation building, attained in various spheres politics, ...
  • The Kinship System 

    Ikwubuzo, I. (Nigerian Heritage: The Igbo Culture, 2007-02-07)
    In this paper, we shall first make a brief exposition of the two key concepts in the title, namely, the Igbo and kinship, and secondly, examine the nature of kinship relations that exist in Igbo society

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