A Model for Teaching Qur'anic Texts in Nigerian Post-Primary Schools

Musa, I. A. ; Adegoke, K.A. (2010)

Staff publications


This study examines problems associated with teaching Qur'anic texts at the secondary school level in Nigeria and proffers logical solutions. The fact that the most accurate medium for accessing the Qur'an is the Arabic script makes mandatory the acquisition of literacy skills in Arabic. In the same vein, accuracy in reading without imbibing the Our'enic values is tantamount to truncating a journey beforereaching the intended destination. The Islamic Studies curriculum at the secondary school level prescribes certain Our'enic texts for study with a view of developing in learners the ability to read and memorize texts of the Qur'an accurately as well as imbibe the message, so that students can subsequently utilize the Qur'anic values in all spheres of life. However, the effective study of the Qur'an is threatened by the fundamental challenges teachers and students encounter in studying the Qur'an through the Arabic orthography. This paper proposes the Multi-task Model of acquisition of diverse competences which support effective teaching and learning the prescribed passages of the Qur'an at the secondary school level.