Synthesis and antibacterial screening of 2-hydroxybenzylidene-aminophenols and its cu(II) complexes

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Elijah, F.N.
Fasina, T.M.
Revaprasadu, N.
Ogunsola, F.T.
Familoni, O.B.
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Background: The design of metal containing antimicrobial agents is currently of interest due to the growing reports of drug resistance for known antimicrobial agents. Structure activity relationship is crucial in the investigation of potential candidates in drug therapy. Objective: In line with the structure activity relationship, a new series of copper (II) complexes of Schiff base 2-hydrobenzylidene 2-aminophenol (L1), 2-hydroxybenzylodene-3-aminophenol (L2), and 2-hydroxybenzylodene-4-aminophenol (L3) have been synthessied. The goal of this study was to investigate the effect of position of substituent on the antibacterial activities of the ligands and its meta complexes. Methods: The compounds were prepared using condensation method. Structural and spectroscopic properties were studiued by elemental analysis, spectral (FR-IR, 1HNMR, UV-Vis) and magnatic susceptibility measurements. The Schiff base ligands and its complexes were screened in-vitro against E. coli, S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, B. cereus, E. faecalis and K. pneumonia bacteria. Results: The metal complexes exhibited higher antibacterial activities than the parent ligand. This can be attributed to the greater lipophilic natue of the complexes. Conclusion: The results show that the investigated metal complexes can be employed as broad spectrum antibacterial agents.
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Antimicrobial agents , Copper (II) , Metal complex , Schiff base , Aminophenol , Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE::Microbiology, immunology, infectious diseases
Elijah, F.N, Fasina, T.M, Revaprasadu, N, Ogunsola, F.T. Familoni, O.B. (2015). Synthesis and Antibacterial screening of 2-Hydroxybenzylidene-Aminophenols and its Cu(II) Complexes. University of Lagos, Journal of Basic medical Sciences, 3: 7-13.